Naturally dyed clothes deserve our pampering and attention in order to increase its longevity.

Below are simple care instructions that you can follow for natural dyed clothes or any clothes for that matter to retain the freshness over a long period of time -:

1. Preferably Hand Wash:- It’s always better to hand wash in cold water. It helps to avoid pilling of fabrics, can help in the colour retention and longevity of the clothes because hand wash is always gentle and the bond between of the yarns stay intact. If any discolouration due to humid climate, it's recommended to hand wash the product with fabric softener. 

Wash similar colors together and never mix light and dark colors together.

Natural colors tend to bleed in the first few washes. They are just loose dye particles that are not bonded to the fibres and it’s not an indication of fading.

2. Dry in shade:- It is recommended to air dry naturally dyed clothes.

Always dry natural dyed clothes in the shade and not in direct sunlight. Most of the natural dyes are sensitive to light. Some colors tend to darken in sunlight while some gradually fade.

All natural dyes fade over time like any other dyed clothes. Ageing is a natural phenomenon and it is not to be frowned upon.

3. Use fabric softeners instead of harsh detergents 

4. Do not bleach:- Bleaching will cause loss of color from the garments so avoid removing stains using bleach. Instead try to wash the stained area immediately with pH neutral soap (mixed with water).

5. Use Warm Iron:- Iron natural dyed clothes in low heat setting or iron on the reverse.  


One should feel proud in wearing handwoven / handcrafted products as it is one’s contribution, encouragement and respect towards the hardworking weavers / artisans who take tremendous efforts to create these exquisite products.

The subtle variations in colour, texture and finish are intrinsic to handcrafted products.

Wash Care suggestions:

  • Preferably Dry clean or Hand wash separately in cold water.
  • Do not dry in direct sunlight
  • Do not soak in water for too long
  • Do not use fabric softeners or starch (unless required for few cotton products)
  • In order to maintain the brilliance of the colour and lustre do not use harsh detergents